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About drPhilo

What exactly do I do? I guide and support individuals "who are ready" to take charge of their own health, to discover and provide their body with the unique nourishment it needs to be activated into the miraculous self-healing machine that it was created to be. Basically I meet you where you are with regards to food, nutrition and lifestyle, guide and support you as you steadily and sustainably take charge of your own health, without dieting, deprivation or military exercise.

As a Holistic Health Coach, I provide a relaxed, comforting, and supportive environment that will enable you to achieve All of your health goals. Yes, that is right, all of your (body, mind and spirit) health goals. I provide you with healthy food, nutrition and lifestyle options, guide and support you in discovering what works best for you. Knowing that there is no one way of eating and lifestyle that works for everyone, and that everyone is biologically and biochemically unique, I guide you as you discover the foods and lifestyle choices that are appropriate to you as well as best support you as you move along the path of achieving optimum health and disease prevention. I support you to make gradual, lifelong and sustainable changes that enable you to reach your overall health goals as you discover a happy, healthy lifestyle that is flexible, enjoyable and achievable.