Did you know that your body possesses an INNATE ability to heal itself?

Your body was created with a natural desire, power or intelligence to stay healthy or heal itself i.e. be in balance. Yes, that is right your body has an inborn desire to wellness and all you need to do is provide it with the right nourishment. Such nourishment includes healthy living foods and healthy lifestyles (physical, mental and spiritual.)

Food, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, LLC.
Food, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, LLC.

Did you know that you are not only what you eat, digest, absorb and assimilate, but also the lifestyle that you live?

What you put in your body as well as what you leave out are of prime importance in achieving an optimum health. Good health is built on the foundation of healthy food and lifestyle choices. Please pay attention to the word 'choices'. This means that you have to choose to eat healthy living foods and live a healthy lifestyle.

I help middle-age women who are overweight to lose extra weight and achieve their personal ideal weight without crazy diets or over-exercising to

  • Have the image they want
  • Love the body they see in the mirror every morning
  • Increase their energy levels
  • Make healthy food choices
  • Reduce cravings
  • Ease anxiety
  • Alleviate pains
  • Manage stress
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Have good quality sleep
  • Look and feel good
  • And be well enough to get the most out of life and age gracefully
Food, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, LLC.